Agile Transformation in Finance

In a classic, mature Prince II project/delivery organisation, there was a great potential to improve collaboration between IT and the rest of the organisation. IT was isolated from the rest of the business, progress on deliverables was not transparent and lead times were very long. As part of an agile transformation to overcome some of these challenges, I worked with and coached leaders and teams. The effort increased employer satisfaction, increased quality of products and reduced time to market.

My focus spanned a broad set of areas and competencies, for instance but not limited to:
• Designing, establishing and starting Agile Release Trains
• Coaching agile teams to increase value delivery and improve quality
• Coaching SM’s, PO’s, PM’s, BO’s and RTE’s in a Scaled Agile Framework setup
• Facilitating the change and events with teams, experts and top 100 leaders
• Establishing Agile Portfolio Mgmt and Agile ways of working