Coaching 6 teams in a Finance Org

In a large, multinational finance organisation, with a conservative and sometimes harsh business culture, I was brought in to help a few teams and the leadership team, overcome a broad variety of issues spanning from challenges with  delivering on time to severe interpersonal issues.

Several people had left – and others were considering leaving – on the account of interpersonal challenges. Few, if any, ever had positive interactions about their differences. People managers were spending a lot of time as mediators and just trying to hold things together.

Meanwhile product managers were pushing hard for their deliveries and reaching their deadlines.

I worked with and coached 6 different teams, the leadership team and individual relationships to:, with emphasis on:

  • Normalizing the challenges they were facing and the differences causing issues
  • Aligning on and embracing the differences and different perspectives
  • Understanding and owning team toxins and anti-dotes / supportive behaviour
  • Great Metaskills for human interactions
  • Understanding edges and edge behaviour
  • Understanding how myths and dreams are influencing our behaviour and reaction patterns
  • Designing and honouring team and leadership alliances

Differences and interpersonal conflicts were also prevalent in the leadership team, but the leadership team were courageous and showed the path forward, by walking the talk and taking part in a lot of coaching sessions themselves.

Through the coaching sessions we were able to dramatically increase the Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Intelligence across the teams and leaders. We enabled employees and leaders to have positive interactions about differences and to find their way forward.