Moving Beyond a Framework

As an advisor and coach, I helped a large international Finance organisation move beyond their implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to a more customised and better fit-for-purpose framework. Their new framework drew on learnings and ideas from Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) and took into account unique business charectaristics.

My role as an Agile Coach included the support of 7 different teams, leadership and management roles as well as bringing up new internal Agile Coaches who could take over after me.

  • Designing and adopting new ways of working with Senior and Executive Management
  • Designing and adapting new roles and structures to the organisational needs
  • Facilitating the change and the impact of the change with leaders and teams
  • Coaching and supporting Senior Management and Executive Management
  • Coaching and supporting local and international agile teams in ways of working
  • Coaching and supporting local and international teams to embrace difference and discuss toxic behaviour
  • Coaching and teaching RTE’s, SM’s, PO’s and PM’s

Eventually, as part of my exit strategy, I agreed with the client to hire new people to cover my role. 3 new hires were brought in to cover after me and I coached and trained them.