Team & Leadership Coaching in Insurance

I was brought in to support a very dysfunctional team that were suffering from heavy workloads, unclear roles and responsibilities and high levels of stress – but more than anything they were unable to have positive interactions about their challenges. The emotional field was tense and harsh, communication either aggressive or passive-aggressive and sarcasm would fill the void.

The Leadership around the team, were at a loss, as people were starting to leave, threatening to leave and several were either on sick leave or on the brink of it.

Over the course of 6 months, I coached and supported the Leaders and Team intensively. The team managed to:

  • Establish a shared team identity, vision and dream
  • Learn and understand about team toxins and behaviours
  • Increase their Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Intelligence
  • Increase their ability to handle and discuss challenges without blame and remorse

The overall softening of the emotional field, from increased knowledge and understanding about behaviours and their impacts, enabled the team to discuss and find solutions to their issues. They were able to have positive interactions regarding their challenges and overcome these.

Leadership took an active and supportive part in all aspects of the change, and I supported and coached them as well.

In the end, the business results were:

  • Lower lead times
  • Less queue in the team backlog
  • Better and more clearly defined processes and roles
  • Team maturity increased as measurable in maturity assessment
  • Employee satisfaction increased as measurable in employee survey
  • Sick days decreased